Applicants from New York, I would love to meet you in person and listen to your ideas, describe my working style, and shape the design process. Before that, please fill out the given form or send an e-mail answering the questions below. If you live in New York, please specify it so my assistant will book a consultation for you.

For applications from outside of New York, please also fill the given form or send me an e-mail answering the given questions below.

My assistant will get back to you as soon as possible and provide all the information you need. Sometimes of the year, due to high workload, we might answer you late or even miss it. If you don’t get an answer in 3 days, please resend the form or e-mail.

If your booking has been confirmed by e-mail, you will be presented with at least 5 designs during appointment hour. Some of these designs get inspired directly by references that you provide via e-mail. Rest of them get prepared by me looking from different angles. I don’t share the designs prior appointment date, this is really important part of the whole process for me to be able to work on unique compositions for you. We will have enough time to talk about design and make the necessary changes on appointment date. Don’t worry.

There are some questions I need to ask you to prepare designs. Please try answering these questions very comfortably. I will work on many design ideas by reading all these answers over and over again at different times. Then I will present them on appointment date.

  • Which part of your body you want to have your tattoo on? Please send me photos for tattoo placements. You can also mark the body part with a pen. This is one of the most important detail for me to prepare the design correctly. Photos should be taken from several different angles..

  • What type of tattoos or designs you like the most about my works? Please send me your preferred designs of mine, so I can understand your sense of aesthetic more. Please also add which work is your favorite one and whether you would like a similar detail on your tattoo. In addition, please also include the details you want to avoid. This is very important for me to understand your aesthetic vision. ( for exlample – x a very crowded design for me – x very minimal for me – I love abstract designs )

  • Which tattoo artists are your favorite and what is your choice of design? Please send me the works of artist you admire as painter, sculptor, architect, musician, director or as any other field of art. During the process, these answers will further expand my perspective on design. It will improve my approach and help me improve my approach to production phase.

  • What is the story behind the tattoo you want to have? Although, designs might be prepared with only aesthetic concern, sometimes they are prepared based on their story. Please remember that even the smallest detail you provide will help me create a stunning effect within design.

    // If you want to check out how I work by examining previous tattoos and inspirations, you can out the blog, which I try publishing every week.

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