what is a nft ?

If I have to explain this subject in the simplest way without going into any technical details, we can say that it is digital ownership. If you simply bring two different paintings that I told you belong to Picasso, there are 2 ways to understand which one is real. The 1st way is technically examining the details of the whole picture, from brush strokes to the canvas used by the experts of this person, and deciding whether it is original or not. If it is a good copy, this is a very long method and the art world has seen dozens of stories that could not be decided in this way or that were unclear. The second method is to examine the identity of the work of art. ie looking at history. who was it sold to? Which galleries have been instrumental in this work? Which collectors and between which years were the owners of this work of art, all of them are included in the tag with their signatures. that’s exactly what NFT is item 2. Now, while the digital world is so important in our lives, NFT is the equivalent of owning something in the digital world. In short, they are our digital signatures.

Digital ownership brings in return the property of being salable so that digital artworks can change hands in a certain way who the owners are.

What does NFT do in the tattoo world?

If I talk about my own tattoos, all of the designs are digitally prepared and they come to life as a tattoo on your body, but then what? I think the biggest problem in tattoo art is that tattoo art lives with the person. While it is a wonderful feeling, when you die, the work of art dies with you. that is, the work of art we make is not eternal. I am very excited that NFT technology will allow you to keep your tattoo designs forever and leave them as a legacy to someone in your family after you. 100 years later, your grandchildren will have the NFT of the tattoo you have made in your digital wallet and if they want, they will continue this legacy by getting the same tattoo.

That’s why I started working on a system where I can give you the designs that you have made recently as NFT.

with love for experiencing this excitement with me


It is the FREE NFT project that will only for my TATTOO COLLECTORS, if you have a tattoo from me no matter where or when in the last 13 years, this project interests you. How the project will work and details here.

NFT PROject’s

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